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1. “Together Everyone Achieves More”
2. “Where Good Friends Meet And Dreams Are Made”

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Join a 100 ultra / marathon recognition club without having to leave one’s current running club.
Enjoy various recognition categories in one’s level / stage of running progress. Although geared to the S.A. runner any athlete from around the World is welcome.
If the members show an interest / demand for a running club, then in the future a running club section will be established for provincial / national / international interest.

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Please share the RUNZONE 100 Group with supporters, retired runners, newbees, current runners and established runners that you feel may be interested in the concept.

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These two Karoo boys who have known each other for over 45 years (attended Union High School in Graaff-Reinet from Sub.A to Matric) and share the same passion for running have decided to form a running recognition club for mainly South African runner’s who have achieved 100 ultra’s / marathons, but also include various other stages in a runner’s journey for all to be part of.



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Gavin is a renowned International Banker who manages to fit running, cycling & swimming into his hectic work schedule. Included in his more than 100 ultra’s / marathons are:
The 7 – Continents (Africa, Asia, North America, South America, Europe, Australia & Antarctic)
6 – Majors (New York, Berlin, Chicago, Boston, London & Tokyo Marathons) , Comrades , Two Oceans Ultra , Ironman and the Argus Cycle.

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Mike is a primary school Physical Education specialist and Sport Administrator.
Included in his 100 ultra’s / marathons are: Buffs Marathon, Two Oceans Ultra, Comrades, Washie 100 Miler and holds Permanent Number in all of them.

Although living on different continents Gavin and Mike remain in touch regularly and meet up annually for runs where they have formed even further greater memories journeying on the road together.

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The Runzone 100 concept is new to S.A but internationally there are numerous other 100 marathon clubs. The Runzone 100 Club was formed mainly to give recognition / rewards & initially some limited memorabilia to the achiever of 100 ultra’s / marathons. with various categories to include all those involved in running, without leaving their own specific running clubs.

We also have partial and associate membership with recognition for runners that have successfully completed 10, 25, 50 and 75 Ultra’s / Marathons. There is also a free supporters and challengers membership.

For further info, costs and club rules please click Register below to download club forms.

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